The HP Service Anywhere (SAW) software creates connected intelligence and analytics-driven decision making. With the use of BIG Data, the software helps to eliminate knowledge silos and organically grow new knowledge derived from unstructured data such as social media sources, so organizations can gain a new level of insight and react to problems at the speed of business.

Where the software behind the SAW tool is incredibly complex, the user interface and experience has been designed for consumers to easily use. The task was to highlight this complexity, but show how simple it can be. There was a need to get across the messaging of SAW, the benefits, and build in lead generation. After working closely with the client (based in the US) to create the messaging, a short animation graphic was produced using a combination of video and HTML5 to create a truly beautiful and engaging introduction to the software.

Click on the image to view the animation. (For optimal performance please use Chrome).

hp saw

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